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30 Days Indian Meal Plan

Indian meal contains variety of food. Every foodies enjoys Indian cuisine. As they say "One must eat must is grown there". Indian meal plan is specially designed for all Indians. This plan is specially designed to make your life easier, easier weight loss efforts and quick solutions. When you eat right at right time you get desired results.


What is Included in this plan:


  1. Four weeks meal plan.

  2. Multiple options for each meal.

  3. Every weeks plan has 4 to 5 meals.

  4. Serving sizes for all meals specified.

  5. Easily available Indian foods included.

  6. Simple Printable diet meal format. You can print and keep it.

With this plan you will be :


  1. lose 2 to 4 kg in 30 days.

  2. You will be able to plan your weight loss meals

  3. Hassle free meals

  4. Without feeling guilty enjoy food.

  5. Improve food habits

  6. Will learn to eat small and frequent meals.


Who should take this plan?


  1. Those who are looking forward to lose weight.

  2. men or Women who need Indian food options for weight loss meals

  3. Those who want a quick and easiest meal plan to get results.

  4. Those who want to learn to quit snacking and improve healthy food intake.

  5. Those who are committed to make healthy lifestyle change and get results!


How Does it work?


  1. You need to add your details on this page.

  2. Complete payment process.

  3. Book 1:1 free consulting Session with Divya. 

  4. Get The Diet plan during the session. 

  5. Get started with the plan.



**pls note, everyone get different result for dietary changes for weight loss. (We are not solely responsible for the results which you will get). Pls consult with your physician if suffering from any medical condition.

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