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7 Ways lifting weight can help you

Weight lifting exercises help in many ways. There are various misconceptions about weight lifting exercises. One must actually go through these benefits and then make it a part of daily fitness regime.

1. It helps in improving Body balance

Lifting weights actually help you in improving balance. Improving body balance might not be your direct goal but it helps in improving your posture while walking, in doing day to day activities etc.

2. It helps in keeping metabolism high

Improve metabolism to fat loss. Metabolism helps to in burning more fat and improving muscle mass.

3. Increase fat loss rate

With improved metabolism body fat cells start burning with weight training. It actually helps you around the clock but not just during your Gym workout.

4. It keeps bones strong and healthy

Studies have shown that lifting weight actually helps you in keeping your bone in healthy shape. It also help in lowering joint pain.

5. It regulate hormonal balance

Any exercise will have good effect on different hormones which are secreted in the body. Weight training exercise helps in insulin secretion, reducing stress hormones etc.

6. It improves Posture:

If you are into sitting job, and experience slouching shoulders then weight bearing exercises with solution. KB training helps you in improving your posture.

7. Improve energy levels

Feel more energetic throughout the day, reduce laziness and improve body’s agility.

Add weight training to three times in a week. Do it under the supervision of expert trainers to avoid injuries.

Download this wonderful 8 weeks weight loss plan along with your regular exercise routine.

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