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Weight loss is not an easy journey. A lot of people venture on it and many more start but aren’t determined enough to finish it. It takes determination, hard work and a lot of patience. With new years and new resolutions, here are the 11 most inspirational blogs to help you get going in your fat loss journey.

NTTC was a blog started by a blogger Kelly in 2010 to document her weightloss journey and the lessons she learnt along the way. Now, 12 years later, her blog is focused on mindful eating and healthy living but she still documents about her weight and related concerns.

Katie is a mother of two who started the blog ‘Runs For Cookies’ in 2008, which gained huge popularity in 2011. The blog documents the various ups and downs of Katie’s journey and her weight gain relapses, running, training, post weight loss life and fun easy recipes to try at home.

Lisa Cain, the author of Snack Girl started the blog in 2009 with the motto to provide healthy snack recipes to everyone so they stop binge-eating on the store-bought-no-nutrition food. Over the years, the blog has come to include various breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and meal plans and Lisa’s weight loss journey too.

It is a practical blog focusing on various diets, such as keto diet, low-carb, low-fat, etc. that are backed up by scientific evidence and an inhouse team of dieticians for an easy and assisted weight loss journey.

This blog run by Christina Russell, a 40+ mom of two is focused on assisting women to achieve their dream bodies and goals by providing nutrition expertise and personal training. Chrsitna herself has lost more than 65 pounds and her blog documents it all.

Rich, the author of the blog Hashi Mashi shares his weight loss journey at the age 56 and his discovery of healthy and satisfying veggie meals. He lost over 75 pounds with just improving his idet and strength training and his blog is exceptionally motivating.

SWS, a weight loss blog run by Sarah Pelc Graca documents not only her weight loss journey but also various trips and tricks to keep the weight off for the long term. Sarah is also a certified fitness coach and personal trainer and shares valuable fat loss tricks in her blog.

This inspiring weight loss blog is maintained by Ang who expresses her struggles with binge-eating disorder and bulimia along with ways she combat it and lost tons of weight. Her story is exceptional and awe-striking. Her blog aims to encourage people to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Goal of Losing is a blog run by Kalyn who is on her weight loss journey and posts daily updates, her struggles and healthy living tips along with simple recipes on it. The weight tracker was a brave thing to add to the blog and has been an inspiration to thousands who visit her blog every day.

This wonderful blog run by Nagina Abdullah is full of helpful resources for professional, busy women to lose weight in their own time, pace and ease. Abdullah in her blog praises the dishes she grew up eating and the science of mindful eating.

Diet coach Stephanie Mansour helps people achieve their desired weight with fat loss tricks, lifestyle hacks and fitness secrets shared on her blog and in personal training.

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