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Weight loss is not an easy journey. A lot of people venture on it and many more start but aren’t determined enough to finish it. It takes determination, hard work and a lot of patience. With new years and new resolutions, here are the 11 most inspirational blogs to help you get going in your fat loss journey.

1. No Thanks To Cake

NTTC was a blog started by a blogger Kelly in 2010 to document her weightloss journey and the lessons she learnt along the way. Now, 12 years later, her blog is focused on mindful eating and healthy living but she still documents about her weight and related concerns.

2. Runs For Cookies

Katie is a mother of two who started the blog ‘Runs For Cookies’ in 2008, which gained huge popularity in 2011. The blog documents the various ups and downs of Katie’s journey and her weight gain relapses, running, training, post weight loss life and fun easy recipes to try at home.

3. Snack Girl

Lisa Cain, the author of Snack Girl started the blog in 2009 with the motto to provide healthy snack recipes to everyone so they stop binge-eating on the store-bought-no-nutrition food. Over the years, the blog has come to include various breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and meal plans and Lisa’s weight loss journey too.