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Super Fat Loss Recipe 

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Super Fat Loss Recipe combo is specially designed combo of my ebooks. a Step towards healthy you starts with Healthy Diet. Our Indian Food system is amazing when it comes to eating healthy and achieve health goals. These recipes are simple and easy to prepare using Indian Kitchen ingredients. One can achieve fat loss, manage conditions such as blood sugar control, manage hypothyroidism and PCOS etc.


What is Included in Super Fat Loss Recipe Combo??


In this combo you get access to Ebooks containing recipes for

  1. Indian Smoothies: Get more than 10 smoothie recipes and make then part of your daily diet. These smoothie recipes are worth Rs 999.

  2. Salad Recipes: Add up protein rich salads to achieve your health goals. Get more than 10 recipes in this eBook worth Rs 399.

  3. Detox Water: Detox waters are great to flush out toxins from the body. Learn more about how to make it, which combinations to add, when to drink these etc in this eBook. This eBook is worth Rs 199.

Who Should Get This Super Fat Loss Recipe Combo?


This combo is for anyone who wants to focus on healthy eating meal plan.

  1. Teenagers

  2. Adults

  3. Fitness enthusiasts

  4. Anyone struggling with Fat loss

  5. Anyone struggling to manage PCOS and Hypothyroidism

  6. Anyone wanting to adopt healthy eating


How You will get Access to this Ebook?


  1. Complete registration process on this page.

  2. Add your email details on last page

  3. Get link to download in your email inbox.

Anything Else Along with this?


Yes Of course! Get a Free Counseling session with Nutritionist Divya one successful purchase. 

What are you waiting for then?? Go ahead and download now!

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