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Let Food Be The Medicine

360 Active Living: Your Gateway to Total Wellness

Reveal the Natural Power of Food and Lead a Healthy Life!

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Transform Your Lifestyle with 360 Active Living

360 Active Living provides personalized coaching and support online to help you achieve your wellness goals. We'll work with you to develop a tailored plan that is specific to your needs and preferences, all from the comfort of your own home. Contact us today to start your journey to better health.

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What We Offer??

Predictive Health Solutions

We provide predictive health solutions which help individuals assess future health risk,


Make lifestyle changes based on Predictive Risk and delay the onset of diseases. 

Aging is a process and predictive solutions can make it healthy aging.

Personalised Health Solutions

One rule cannot fit for all. If one food is medicine for someone it might not be the medicine for you. 
The science of nutrigenomics helps us in providing Personailsed health solutions. 
Instead of having reactive approach personalized solutions helps in keeping Proactive health.   

Precise Health Solutions

Body's unique biological system works amazingly. cells basic structural units are expressed in terms of DNA.

Understanding about unique DNA make up one can take bring in precision nutrition in daily lifestyle. 

Success Stories 

Weight loss Success Story
Weight loss Success Story
Weight loss Success Story
Weight loss Success Story
Weight loss Success Story
Weight loss Success Story

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