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Attention: Get Personalised Digital Nutrition Recommendations!

No more guesswork and trial and error for Health Choices!

Make Personalised Nutrition choices based on your Digital Nutrition Report. 

Book Your Digital Nutrition Scan Session and Get personalised recommendations. 

Here Are The 3 Major Secrets You Will Reveal During This 
"Digital Nutrition Scan Session"

Eating Healthy Salad

Personalised Nutrients recomendations

Food Waste Compost

Identify deficiencies in seconds


Get Recomendation Report

With this report, you can focus on personalized nutrition, understand Nutrient deficiencies and make Personalised Food choices!

This Session is for you...If You are 

✅Health Enthusiasts
✅Fitness Freaks
✅ T
ired of trial and error 
✅ Focus on healthy living
✅Want to make the right choices 
✅Avoid the burden of
✅Prevent lifestyle diseases


What Our Clients Say About This Session: 

I have had a lovely experience consulting Divya for my health Business. Even after doing many certifications and degree courses i was unable to take a step forward to start my Wellness business. 

Her coaching helped me in getting clarity in my work and i could set realistic goals. 

I am still learning with her....

Akshata, Delhi

After completing my collage i was clue less about how to start working. Coaching with Divya mam helped me a lot. I right roadmap to start my consulting work. Also i could learn many things about managing business which were lacking in my curriculum.

Parijat Joshi, Gurgaon

Divya isn't just a amazing  mentor but also a lovely person. She is very understanding and friendly. She is calm and always guided me correctly. Always reply on time. Thank you so much Divya my mentor.

Neha Atri

Meat Digital Wellness Coach

Hi, I am Divya Sanglikar, a Holistic Wellness Consultant & Coach with over 16 years of experience in the Health & Wellness Industry. As the Founder of 360Activeliving & TheBlissfulVibes, I am dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal health and well-being. I am specialized in Quantum Energy Alignment & Balancing to provide effective solutions for Pain, Fibromyalgia, Skeletal Pain, migraines, Depression, Anxiety, and related Sleep disorders. I utilize cutting-edge Internationally Certified BioResonance & Microcurrent Devices from Germany to deliver exceptional results to my clients. Additionally, I am a certified NutriGenomics Wellness Consultant with in-depth knowledge of the P4 Model of personalized predictive healthcare. 
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