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Download 7 Days PCOS Detox Plan

Diet is not a quick way to reduce weight but a powerful diet regimen to restore your health. Modify your daily diet for 7 days without starving. Identify which foods help you flush out toxins and improve your energy levels. PCOS Detox plan is specially created to help you kick start weight loss journey, Manage hormonal balance, food cravings and hunger pangs. 


Who Can Go for This Plan?

  • Any one who is trying to manage conditions such as Hypothyroidism, PCOS, PCOD, Menopause etc.

  • Anyone who is trying to lose Fat

  • Anyone who is trying to improve own digestion

  • Anyone who is trying to improve energy levels.


What is Included in this Plan:


Detailed 7 days meal plan is included which offers detailed instructions on how to follow it.


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What are few Clients are saying about Detox Diet Plan:


I have a very stubborn weight which was not going down even after trying many diet plans and exercise. after following Divya's 7 days Detox diet plan I successfully lost 1.5 kgs of weight. Thanks Divya

-Neha, New Delhi.


Detox is important part of our healthy living and was not very sure how to do it. i had discussed my queries with Divya and got started with it. After completing the 5 days course was not sure about how the diet should be?? She helped with follow up diet plan to keep it healthy even after that...I think one must go for it at lest once:

-Jiya, Mumbai

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