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7 winter foods which can help you in weight loss in this winters

Winter season all about food. We enjoy eating dry fruits, sweets etc. There are 8 winter foods which can actually keep you warm and help you in losing weight during this winter.

1. Honey: Honey is very helpful in combating cold and flu. You can I spoonful of honey tea or green tea or lemon tea. Start your day with honey lime and warm water. this help in losing weight staying healthy.

2. Ghee: Ghee is another food which is must to have during winters. Add spoon full of ghee to warm milk at bedtime. This will help you improving digestion and metabolism, also it will help in reducing dry skin.

3. Dry fruits: Dry fruits are powerhouse of energy. Add line in between your meal. Sorry you are not overeating please. Get variety of dry fruits nutrients in your daily diet.

4. Whole grains: Fiber always helps in weight loss. Whole grains keep you warm and also help in losing weight. Grains like Bajra Ragi must be used during winters.

5. Jaggery : Replace your white sugar with piece of Jaggery. This helps you in keeping your body warm. Can also aid in losing some wt.

6. Cinnamon: we know cinnamon help in weight loss. Add cinnamon tea or cinnamon powder to your Daily Meal. Make sure you are on calorie deficit at the same time.

7. Sesame Seeds: They are full of good fat, fiber and protein. And then in Limited quantity in weekly meals.

To kick start your weight loss start here. Adopt calorie deficit meals with regular exercise and Kick start your journey!

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