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How consuming Beetroot Can Help You improve Health?

Red colored Beets are widely used in our daily life. This vegetable is available through out the year. Basically Beets are originally come from Mediterranean region. They are used as vegetable for more than 2000 yrs now.

Few Known Health Benefits of Beetroot are:
  1. It is a good tonic for good health.

  2. It is also a natural source of sugar or Cabrs.

  3. It is rich in nutrients such as Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, calcium, iodine, B complex vitamins, etc.

  4. As Beets are rich in iron they help in improving Hemoglobin levels. Beetroot juice helps in body's resistant power and is excellent remedy for Anemia specially for kids and teenagers.

  5. Beetroot juice helps in treatment of Jaundice, hepatitis etc. one can add 1 tsp lemon juice to make it even more healthier.

  6. Fiber present in beetroot and beet leaves helps in improving peristaltic movement in stomach and helps in repetitive constipation.

  7. Beetroot juice is excellent solvent for inorganic calcium deposits, thus is helpful in hypertension, heart trouble and varicose vein.

  8. According to lastest studies Beetroot Juice helps in improving your exercise stamina.

  9. Nitrates present in beetroot juice helps in dementia as well.

This wonderful vegetable is power pact with health benefits. Add it up to your morning smoothies or make part of daily salads.

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