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Which Type Of oats are More Beneficial?

Oats are widely known for its benefits. Its been long we get those oats as healthy breakfast cereals. And many of us are unaware about the right type of oats we must include in our daily meals.

Oats are rich in fiber. This fiber content is helpful for healthy heart, lowering cholesterol, losing weight and so on.

In the market 2 type of oats are easily available. Those are rolled oats and steel cut oats.

What are steel Cut Oats?

Steel cut oats are less processed oat grains which are also known as "Irish Oats". While processing these oats grains are chopped using steel knives or blades. They look like Dalia. They contain more amount of fiber. They are chewy and a bit hard. To cook these oats one must soak them or cook properly.

What are Rolled Oats?

As the name suggest they are process. Oat grains are steamed and then are pressed using machines. They take less time to cook in comparison to steel cut oats. One can cook rolled oats in 3-5 mins.

There are also Quick oats available in the market. They are further processed and take just couple of mins to cook. As they are over processed fiber content is on lower side.

So next time when you are selecting oats for health benefits do consider the right type of oats.

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