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PCOS Guide 

For Dietitians & Health Coaches

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects millions of women worldwide, making it a crucial topic for health coaches and dietitians. Our comprehensive guide provides you with the knowledge and tools to effectively support your clients on their journey to better health

What You Will Learn In This Guide?

Learn in depth about various aspects of PCOS management right from Diet and Nutrition, Phytonutrients, Exercise & Mental Wellness!

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Understand in Detail About PCOS & Hormonal Imbalance

Russian cuisine

Gut Health for Hormonal Balance

Healthy Diet

Nutrition Foundation & Various Diet Plan Approach for Hormonal Balance


Sleep Management for Hormonal Balance


Stress Management for hormonal Balance

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Emotional Wellbeing & Hormonal balance

How This Guide Will Benefit You & Your Clients?

01. Enhance your expertise and confidence in managing PCOS

02. Build stronger, more trusting relationships with your clients. 

03.Differentiate yourself in a competitive market

04. Help your clients Improve their overall health and well-being

05. Gain a sense of control over their condition. 

What Other Dietitians & Health Coaches Are Saying? 

Shipra Prabhu, New Delhi

This PCOS Guide has helped me a lot in understanding more about hormones, how they are affecting women with PCOS and how i can help my clients in achieving that hormonal balance natural way. 
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