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Relationship With Food:

Its time to enhance our relationship with FOOD.

Food is the easiest way to express emotions. Can you recall last time you ate something cause - Someone offered it to you not because you were hungry- but it was happy moment, celebration, joy, etc...?

At the same time can you recall when you had added cups of tea or coffee after tiring day at work???

These are all examples of Food and emotions relationship.

in my practice for last 13-14 yrs have seen in order to change your HEALTH Status - you need to learn this art of talking to your self about Food in right way.

We all know what is good for Diabetes, weight loss, thyroid etc...But why can we make that difference???

The answer lies in our relation with Food. And one way to make it happen is to have Guilt Free relationship with Food.

Do you aggrege with this???

Do share with a Friend who needs to know this.

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