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5 Things To consider while improving Immunity With Tulsi

Tulsi: Our traditional Herb is full of benefits. I remember my grandparents insisting on me to chew few tusli leaves early in the morning on wake up during winder days. All they used to say is: this Tulsi can help you stay strong during this season.

They were so right....

In today's time as we talk more n more about Immunity i thought to share few scientific observations with you all. Tulsi indeed is helpful but only when take in required amount. Its ursolic acid has all the health benefits.

Recommendations suggest to include 80-100 organic tulsi leaves in daily diet to get all health benefits..I know that's huge but it can help getting real protection...

Have you ever tried taking tulsi for immunity purpose???

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Share with friends and family....Lets help them to be strong and immune to all infections :)

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