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7 Facts About Fat Loss Diet You Never Knew

A great deal of stigma revolves around fat loss diets. And most of it comes off of the internet with no proof. Here are seven shocking facts about fat loss that you probably didn't know about.

  1. Exercise isn’t enough

Exercising or cardio is a great way to stay in shape but in order to lose weight, it simply isn't going to cut. Experts suggest keeping a check on your daily calorie intake and replacing it with whole grain, heart healthy fats and proteins will boost the metabolism and help reduce weight faster and in a healthy manner.

2. Say no to weight loss supplements

Dietary supplements that claim to help lose weight are dangerous concoctions of ingredients harmful to the body. In many studies it was found that these supplements do not aid in reducing help and they might even contain harmful ingredients that might spike the blood sugar levels, increase hypertension or even increase weight.

3. Juice cleanse or liquid diets are a farce

Many people switch to liquid diets to reduce large amounts of weight in a short duration but it is harmful for the body