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Diet is an integral part of weight and fat loss routine. Scientists have found out that 10% of our calories are burnt by the body digesting the food, another 20-30% is lost by exercise and cardio. And the rest 60-70% is regulated by our diet. Here are 7 small changes you can do to your daily routine for a more sound diet and effective fat loss.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is a lot more beneficial than you thought. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, tiredness and increase in appetite and the best way to combat this is drinking lots of water. Not only it prevents dehydration, but also boosts metabolism and aids digestion. What better way to start a morning than a glass of water and 5 minutes of alone time to seize the day?

2. Sit Down and Eat

Eating while sitting down has an array of benefits often overlooked by the fast paced humans. When we have our meals whilst sitting down, we tend to not snack away and eat bite size portions and masticate thoroughly to properly digest the food. Also the posture helps in digestion.

3. Prep Your Meals

Cooking our own meals is the best we can do for our health. We often eat in restaurants or order in simply because we are lazy or don’t spare the time to cook. But if we prepare our meals in advance, we will save time and enjoy the chore that cooking is. Not only that, we will stay away from junk food and the potential bad effects of it.

4. Bake, Don’t Fry

The process and preparation of food significantly affects our health. And that is why methods such as baking, broiling and poaching are getting a lot of clout as opposed to frying. While preparing food from frying releases harmful toxins from the oil, baking prevents that and it is time we add this practice to our kitchens and meals.

5. Salad First!

Getting your fill of greens before dinner is the best way to consume them. Eating fresh salad before dinner will subdue the hunger a bit and stop us from overeating our heavy dinners. This will result in healthy calorie intake and greatly help in your weight loss journey. Eating a bowl of salad before dinner has shown to keep the blood sugar levels in check as the green lowel the speed of absorption of carbs in our bloodstream.

6. Say No to Processed ‘Diet’ Food

A lot of ‘sugar-free’, ‘healthy’, ‘diet’ foods are available in the market that boast to help in weight loss or ‘burn the fat away’. This is simply not the case. These products often contain more sugars and calories than they claim for and one must avoid them.

7.Replace Replace Replace!

At last, I would urge you to replace the high calorie foods in your diet with healthier and even tastier alternatives. Replace your pizza or fries dip with hummus or garlic dip. Replace your sodas with sparkling water and replace your juices with actual fruits for more fibre intake and less calories.


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