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How Shivani Tackled Her PCOS In just 2 Days??

How Shivani Tackled Her PCOS In just 2 Days?? Best part about you all as a part of my community is "You are always ready to learn and adopt new things". As we all have progressed within past few months on health front "Knowledge and awareness has played a major role. Shivani is from Bangalore and approached me through social media - saying "Divya I am working hard to lose weight with PCOS, tried end no of diets…but losing weight is really hard for me"…She had her complete story to share with me that time…She was also not very open to try new diet plan as she had already spend thousands of Rs on all that already…

So we came up with a quick solution and started with my special course on "Ultimate guide on PCOS". She agreed to invest few bugs in learn about PCOS, what it is, how to modify lifestyle, how to manage diet, How to adjust carbs and which supplements are essential for it? On learn these things she started making changes in her routine and eating habits. She mentioned without following a particular "Diet Plan" she was able to shed few Kgs in a months' time which helped her in improving her cycles…. And that was amazing…finally she could achieve what she wanted…. There are many females suffering from PCOS and PCOD and need guidance. Sometimes small changes in lifestyle plays important role and that’s where I compiled all my knowledge in this quick course. If you are also trying to manage PCOS or PCOD then this course will be life changing for you. To know more about it revert here…I will guide you further Also don’t hesitate with girls who are trying to manage PCOS. This will help them in long way. Cheers to Healthy life! Nutritionist_Divya

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