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12 Best Food Items to Burn Fat

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

An important consideration to Active Living in this fast paced world is maintaining your Body Fat. Fat burning starts with right Diet. 70% diet and 30 % exercise helps in fat burning which can be attained to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. It is very important to see what you eat through out the day.

Burn more body fat with these 12 foods:

  1. Guacamole: this is not very popular in India, but wide used world wide for fat loss. This is made out of avocado. And is used as dip. One can dip salad stick in guacamole and enjoy healthy snacks

  2. Oatmeal: Fiber and protein rich oats meal can be taken in many forms.

  3. Sweet potato: best way to replace your potato in cook with sweet potato. they can full of fiber and few minerals thus helpful in fat loss

  4. Berries: Add up fiber and vitamins to your snacks with fresh berries

  5. Eggs & Salmon: Best source of protein from non veg source. Add up protein to each meal and boost metabolism

  6. Coconut oil: This contains Medium chain fatty acids which helps in managing hormones. Replace traditional cooking oil with coconut oil

  7. Almonds: include essential fatty acids from Almonds.

  8. Apple cider Vinegar: Add up ACV to pre meal. Take 1 tsp ACV with 1 glass water 20 mins before meal.

  9. Lemon water: Lemon helps in detoxification. Add 1 lemon to daily diet...

What is your secret fat burning food???. We look forward to your revert and shall be keen to know if the above mentioned food items are helping you meet your fat burning objectives.

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