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5 Common Myths About Fat Loss

Fat loss is all about reducing body fat percentage. Whenever we say that I want to lose weight basically the goal should be to reduce body fat . We need to focus on retaining muscle mass water and bone and just cut down on body fat percentage. While achieving this fat loss there are various methods and Facts which we see online.

Let's know what are the five common myths about fat loss

Mayth 1: One can achieve fat loss only after joining gym

truth : Truth is to achieve fat loss you need to create calorie deficit and exercise and diet both the things play a very important role . To create this calorie deficit you can do workout anywhere at your home or in the gym. What is important is you are doing your daily exercise.

Myth 2: All calories are equal

Truth: Is that all cal are not equal. Even if your meeting your daily calorie requirement what type of food eating that really matters. Adding foods rich in protein fibre vitamins and minerals actually helps in fat loss.

Myth 3: Supplements can help you in achieving fat loss result

Truth : No supplements can help you if you are not able to do your daily exercise and follow healthy and balanced diet. Reliance only on supplements is it wrong way to achieve fat loss goal.

Myth 4: Carbohydrates make you fat

Truth : Carbohydrates are equally important and fat loss journey. one need to select cards cautiously. Go for high fiber carbohydrates.

Myth 5 : fat Make you fat

Truth : Good anything till fatty acids are very important to achieve desired fat loss result. If your diet is unable to provide essential fatty acids difficult to lose weight. Include good fat coming from coconut oil, fish, olive oil, ghee etc.

I am sure knowing these facts and the truth will actually help you in enhancing your fat loss journey.

Two techniques that in your fat loss journey download this 8 weeks weight loss plan. Colleges plan along with your daily exercise and achieve amazing results.

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