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6 Foods To Help You Lose Weight with Fatty Liver

Have you ever heard about fatty liver?? What it is exactly? Fatty liver is also referred to as Non alcoholic fatty liver disease. As per Harvard publication 1 in 20 people (Who have metabolic syndrome) have fatty liver. Metabolic syndrome is classic combination of being over weight or obese, increased cholesterol / triglyceride levels, increased waist circumference and increased blood sugar levels.

You might no identify fatty liver with any symptoms. May be you don't have symptoms, but if you fall under above categories then you need to check with your doctor for Fatty liver.

If fatty liver is not taken care of can lead to serious liver damage.

But good news is that - losing just 10% of your weight can help you prevent or even reverse all this damage done to your liver.

while working with you all i realized 1 in 10 people in my community reported to have fatty liver and trying to lose weight. so to help you further in your weight loss journey here are 6 foods which can help you in weight loss and improve your liver health. Add them up in your daily diet:

  1. Broccoli: this is cruciferous vegetable. It has helpful compound called indole which can help in reversing fatty liver effect. you can add it in the form of salad, veggies, soup to your diet

  2. Fatty fish: Fish which is small in size can help you in reducing liver inflammation. it is rich in omega 3 and it also helps in weight loss. have small size fish such as sardines, salmon etc.

  3. Oat meal: Oats are full of fiber. It contains soluble and insoluble fiber. And increasing fiber intake is directly related with weight loss.

4. Walnut: Walnuts contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. They also help in detoxifying liver.

5. Garlic: it is well known for its health benefits on reducing cholesterol levels. at the same time it has beneficial effect on liver. Adding up raw garlic in daily diet helps long way.

6. Green Tea; it helps in reducing liver fat deposits and oxidative damage caused on liver. Green tea is best drink to lose belly fat too. So replace your regular tea with green tea.

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