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Digital Weighing Scale for All Weight conscious Individuals

Digital weighing scales are most useful. If you are an health enthusiast and love keeping an eye on your body weight regularly you must read this post.

in my daily practice keep on sharing with all about difference between weight loss and fat loss. Basically our body weight comprises of :

  • Fat mass

  • Muscle mass

  • Water

  • Bone

  • Visceral fat

All these factor contribute to our physical weight. Now where go wrong is Focusing only on Body weight. ideally one must focus on Body fat%. It must be less than 30% for any healthy individual.

Now you will ask me how to check that??? To do that I recommend you to use Omron Digital Body composition analyser. This machine is the best one time investment for anyone who wants to keep an eye on body weight and maintain it.

It gives you clarity about your current health

Clarity about your health goals

And how far you have improved your health with right diet n workout plan.

Check this amazing weighing scale here. Use it to get clear idea about your health and continuous journey towards healthy you!

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