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How Meal Replacement Shakes Help?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Meal replacement shakes are popularly known in India. As the name suggest these shakes are used to replace meals. In an Active Living world, which is driven by numerous life objectives, maintaining health is important. Now you must be wondering whether do these shakes really help?.

Answer to your question is " It depends on your Health Goal".. What you want to achieve??

Best way to get answer to this question is to talk to dietitian and get your personalized plan. You need to replace meals t cut down calories. cutting down calorie intake will help in fat loss or weight loss.

Weight Loss is achieved when you create calorie deficit. We reduce calorie intake from food we eat and burn some calories with exercise. Meal replacement shakes usually provide 150 to 200 kcal. Usually you need to replace your largest meal of the day with such shakes. These shakes are combination of protein, carbs and essential nutrients.

Having shakes will not cause deficiency but we recommend you to get expert advice once. Also make sure when you include shake in your routine it does not contain any synthetic material which is claimed to induce "Weight loss". This creates health issues and long run does not help. Also look for organic and chemical free supplements. They impart health benefits. Otherwise it will be of no use and will have adverse effects.

If you want to know more about meal replacement shakes do let us know we provide free advice on selection of meal replacement shakes. We at 360activeliving would look forward to your reviews whether this article brought any change.

By - 360activeliving.

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