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An average person spends about 42 minutes on YouTube daily. All this time, the viewers engage in funny videos or trending compilations. Here are 7 of the most inspiring and knowledgeable channels to follow for fat loss.

This channel consists of motivational videos and various compilations on diet plans, workout and cardio exercises. It also includes product reviews and body transformation breakdowns.

Dr. Shikha SIngh is an Indian fitness youtuber and certified clinical nutritionist. Her channel focuses on assisting weight loss with the help of healthy and nutritious homemade food and no dietary supplements.

Weight Loss TV is run by Mr. M Saleem, a diet consultant and fitness trainer. On his channel, he breaks down celebrity diets and also debunks them. In addition, his videos also revolve around trips and tricks to lose weight.

Ria Karan is a Canadian youtuber who uploads healthy living and eating videos on her channel. Although she has stopped posting more videos, her earlier ones are really informative and support clean and healthy home cooked food rather than processed food.

Dietician Shreya runs her channel with the same name and also runs a chain of nutrition and diet clinics all over India. On her channel she shares healthy recipes, busts weight loss myths and also shares clippings of live sessions and client testimonials.

This channel promotes healthy mind, body and living and shares healthy recipes, talk about superfoods. The channel also shares yoga and meditation videos.

Dani Spies is a holistic health, fitness and weight loss coach and runs the YouTube channel ‘Clean & Delicious’. Her channel has super healthy and delicious recipes for healthy eating and weight loss. One must check out her channel.

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Feb 04, 2022

Wow follow few of them

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