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Travel Dairies for Short Weekend and Holiday Getaways in Eastern India

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

When we think of our Annual Calender, Trips with Family and Friends often gets into the plan. While many a times, we often feel the need for a quick weekend getaway to relieve ourselves from stressed workload, or to enjoy the season, or may be celebrating moments.

But for whatever reason, the weekend getaway gives you moments of Fun, Adventure, Long Drives, Scenic Views and favorite cuisines which is very essential to get away from a Stressed Worklife and is essential for a Healthy Active Life . This blog brings you few of the Best Short weekend and holiday getaways nearby to Kolkata and other cities in Eastern India.

Right beside the name of the said weekend destination you will find what it’s famous for, so you quickly know which one to pick. Other than that, the list features important tourist information, including the destination from cities.

Sundarbans National Park: Nature and wildlife – 110 km From Kolkata

Sundarbans National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and being one of the most famous national parks in India. Bengal tiger, crocodile and leopard cat are just a new names among the many animals that call this place their home. The period between October to March is the best time to visit. The place has multiple options of hotels and resorts.