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6 questions to ask yourself before starting your fat loss journey

So many times it happens that thoughts about weight loss or losing fat are always running behind your mind. Well, let’s stop waiting for Monday or 1st of the month to start Fat loss journey.

Instead of just thinking about losing weight and dreaming about a day when you can start your weight loss journey you can plan it. To plan your fat loss journey here are 6 questions which you must ask yourself and get ready with that.

1. What is my goal?

Please learn about your fat loss or weight loss goal. Understand your numbers. Know your fat mass, muscle mass, bones and water in body. For females fat should be less than 30% and for meals fat should be less than 20%.

2. Am I ready to give my hundred percent?

Once you know your goal that you need to reach to 30% fat or 20 percent body fat just ask yourself that are you ready to start with that. As this whole process is going to require your consistent efforts. Following only exercise or following only diet might not give you the desired results. Be ready to commit to healthy you and invest min 6 months in coming time.

3. What time of the day I will go for my exercise??

Know your goal and you decide that you are going to commit to your goal. You need to decide what time of the day you will dedicate for your daily exercise routine. You need to commit to this timing -whatever challenges you get during this time, Try to find out a way.

4. How am I going to plan my diet?

If you have enough information about creating calorie deficit with healthy diet and exercise please go ahead. If you have half information and have various doubts then please discuss with experts. This will be great investment for your own health.

5. Do I have any medical issue?

Starting with any regimen or any exercise discuss with your physician. You can go for basic blood test which can help you in understanding your overall health. Your hemoglobin level, thyroid, leopard profile etc.

6. What rewards am I going to get on achieving my goals?

If you have answers to all about 5 questions what rewards you are going to give yourself. These reports can keep you motivated throughout your journey.

I am sure these simple questions will help you long way in kick starting your fat loss journey. Don’t forget to check out our 8 weeks weight loss plan given here:

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