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Important Tips for an Active Living Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

In a world surrounded by Stress and action driven Active Lifestyle, it is important to staying Healthy. Keeping ourselves active helps us to reduce the risk of conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Keeping a tab on daily routine Exercises and your Fitness helps in improving mental health and cognitive function. You do not need to keep running throughout or keeping a tab on your daily steps to improve your health. What is more important is staying active.

Being active throughout the day has its effects on our body as It helps to:

· Give proper working effect to your heart

· Helps in staying strong

· Helps in maintaining a healthy weight

· Keeps your mind focussed on actions

When it comes to being active, the focus lies on the major body functions. The best way to stay active is find actions or events that you enjoy doing daily. For some, it may be Dancing, Working Out, Playing Outdoor Games like Badminton, Tennis, Soccer or even Running and Cycling. The objective is to GET INTO ACTION. While these can keep your body in action mode in the most focussed manner, but in a daily routine not all can be possible to achieve which is where PLANNING comes into play. With a properly planned day / week / month, ACTIONS will give desired RESULTS with better fitness, good health and reduced stress.

Here are some simple strategies you can use to get remain active, stress free and stay healthy.

Plan your Daily Exercises Schedule

Your goal for physical activity should be for a minimum 30 minutes span each day. For a better start, divide your exercises into 3 intervals at the beginning with small breaks.

For example, in one day you could do:

· 10 minutes morning exercises

· 10-minute walk around your home/office post lunch

· 10-minute walk around in your society/park after coming home from office / work

The more is always better, however, take precautions to avoid injuries with respect to your age, muscle strain, etc. It’s better to work out a little less one day if it will help you do it again the next.

Being Slowly and keep Improvising on the timing

There is always a possibility that might have been a Break to your schedule in many years to which you need to change. Hence to give your body a new beginning, start out slow. To have a better control on your actions, consult your physician.

Work your muscles with a Fitness Regime

Give your muscles and bones better strength by putting them into action. Focus on games that you enjoy, be it Badminton, Soccer, Cricket etc. and involve yourself into them slowly steadily. Resistance training, Gym Workout and weight lifting is important for your muscles and bones as it helps in strengthening them and also helps improve your balance and coordination.

Keeping trying and Push Yourself

To fine tune your synergies to the new schedule, focus on things that would excite you to get into action – Gym Suit / New Racquet / Sport Shoes etc. Enrol yourself for coaching classes / free classes with a membership fee that different Gym / Sport Centres offer these days. It will help you know the latest trends and strategies followed.

Eat Healthy and Follow Diet Regime

Follow a proper diet regime which gives you adequate Proteins and Vitamins intake to give you muscles the much desired energy. Consult Dietician or Doctor for consideration of Protein Shake or Energy Drink incase of outdoor games. Avoid Junk Food as much as possible.

Focus on Money Spent versus Outcome

Spending money on memberships etc is an individual choice and depends from person to person. The objective behind coaching / membership is to bring your self into action and know the procedures for proper exercises with which muscle pain / injuries can be avoided.

In today’s world, Be it Zumba / Fitness classes of all different types are available Online for people of all different levels of age and fitness requirements. One can at any point of time refer to these classes.

Other home-friendly workouts that require little or no special equipment include:

· Walking or Jogging

· Jumping Rope

· Dancing / Zumba / Aerobics

· Squats

· Weight Training with some heavy object

· Jumping Jacks

· Push-Ups

Start and End with Stretching Exercises

Stretching before and after a workout should always be part of your routine. It helps in improving your flexibility to perform different actions and reduces risk of injury or body cramps. Stretching help in bringing your body muscles into steady action and helps improve circulation throughout the body.

With growing age, Staying active is one of the most important ingredients of a healthy life. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, focus on 30 minutes of activity a day. Be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise regime to make sure that it’s appropriate for your current physical condition.

These have been few of the tips to be Active for a Healthy Lifestyle. Do check out our Diet Plans which are focussed towards healthy living.

By - 360activeliving

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