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Quick Tips to Make Your Daily Meals Nutritious

Healthy eating starts with healthy grocery shopping and preparing healthy meals. Being a mother, home maker and health enthusiast i always feel that cooking healthy dishes is best opportunity to initiate healthy living for families.

Here are few quick tips on Preparing healthy meals at home:

  1. Plan your meals: May it be festival, party or daily routine always plan your meals. Add right cereals, proteins and vegetables to your plan. This ensure healthy eating automatically. You can plan healthy meals for whole week and then add up 2 cheat meals for the family. This has helped young kids to get in to healthy eating routine automatically.

  2. Prepare variety of dishes: Yes variety means at least 3 course meal 2 times a day. this give you scope to add variety of food and nutrients to your daily meals. Add 1 protein rich dish, 1 carb rich dish and 1 vegetable salad or sabji.

  3. Also pay attention to your snacks times: Planning snacks is great idea. Many of us get attracted to junk food during snacks time. Specially time in the evening when you are tend to eat junk food. Plan healthy options for this time.

  4. Prepare healthy Mixes: example - Mix vegetables in wheat flour and prepare roti's. like loki roti, carrot roti. this helps in improving vegetable intake. Add combination of flours. like ragi, Besan and Wheat flour to make roti. Add nuts powder to gravies. Nuts and oil seeds as flax seeds, sunflower seeds powder can be added to gravies.

What is your healthy coking hack...Do you already use any of these mentioned here?? Do let me know in comment below:

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